While formative assessment has always been an important element of good teaching, with the introduction of new college and career ready standards, the need for effective formative assessment in classrooms has never been greater. If students are going to achieve deeper learning and transferable skills, assessment of their progress can’t be left until the end of their learning sequence. Instead, teachers and students need to understand how students are progressing while they are engaged in learning so that they can stay on track throughout their learning and meet their lesson goals.


The Formative Assessment Insights course includes five modules for delivery over a five-month time period representing approximately 40 hours of professional learning. Each module entails eight hours of participant engagement, or two hours a week on average. The course is grounded in research and authored by Margaret Heritage, an internationally recognized expert in formative assessment, and Nancy Gerzon, a renowned expert in professional development. If you are interested in upcoming Formative Assessment Insights opportunities, please contact [email protected].







Collaborative Team Work

Course participants are expected to join a team (10-20 teachers per team) to share experiences as well as give and receive feedback on their respective formative assessment implementations. Groups of educators enrolling in the course may join a team together.


Each team is provided a group workspace within the learning environment where members can share reflections and questions about their implementation of formative assessment and provide feedback to each other to about their practices. School- or district-created communities of practice are encouraged for sharing and networking. Resources and agendas are provided for school and district leaders heading up the community of practice meetings.




  • Access to a classroom in which to try out what you are learning.
  • Access to a computer and the internet.


  • Commitment of time to complete each module of the course (average of two hours a week over five months).
  • Implement learning from the course in classroom practice.
  • Join a work team and complete all team assignments, including providing feedback to one team member for each assignment.




Participants will:

  • Gain deeper knowledge of college and career ready standards across content areas,
  • Develop knowledge and skills in moving from standards to lesson learning goals,
  • Develop knowledge and skills in implementing formative assessment practices effectively in support of deeper learning,
  • Develop skills in involving students in learning and assessment processes, and
  • Learn about the role of structures and expectations in the classroom that support formative assessment.