Getting Your Team Ready

SAIL is a year-long, intensive learning experience for teachers and leaders. Using a blended learning design, educators learn new content, apply formative assessment concepts in their classrooms and engage in collaborative meetings to contextualize their learning. Leaders play a significant role in supporting the opportunities, culture, and conditions that advance teacher learning. Schools that are most successful have teachers and leaders working alongside one another to learn about and support the changing roles of students, the hallmark of formative assessment expertise.

How Can Leaders Prepare for Implementation?


  • Model a culture of learning that values feedback, risk taking and a growth mindset
  • Create teacher teams and ensure time for Community of Practice and Video Study Groups
  • Encourage teachers to notice and respond to evidence of their own learning
  • Participate in (or lead) the Community of Practice sessions
  • Address and monitor barriers to implementation

SAIL begins with a three-day workshop to launch the project with site leaders and district stakeholders. Please email us to discuss getting started.


Interested in bringing SAIL to your district?

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