SAAL is a blended professional development experience that was offered to educators in Arizona and Oregon during the 2016-2017 school year as a follow-up to the Formative Assessment Insights (FAI) course. SAAL is part of the Assessment for Learning Project. Aspects of SAAL will continue with our new SAIL (Student Agency in Learning) project. See below for how to inquire about these projects.


Conceptual Framework

In SAAL, we sought to explore how inter- and intrapersonal skills are manifested by students’ capability to: 1) set personal learning goals, 2) actively monitor their learning and generate personal feedback that they act on, 3) engage in peer assessment and communicate feedback effectively, and 4) use feedback from their teacher and peers to make decisions about their own learning.

Grounding our work in National Research Council’s 2012 framework of competencies for deeper learning, our hypothesis was that learning and assessment relationships would be transformed when 1) teachers explore competencies that contribute to students becoming active agents in their own learning; 2) teachers practice the skills to fully engage students in collaborative learning relationships with their teachers and peers; 3) teachers involve students in genuine, deep peer and self-assessment; 4) teachers share and discuss ongoing video examples of their classroom implementation with peers; and 5) leaders develop skills and structures to provide personalized support for teachers. In such classrooms, students would increasingly develop the inter- and intrapersonal skills that are essential for student agency in learning and for college and career readiness.

SAAL Results


Teacher Formative Assessment Practices



Student Formative Assessment Practices



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