Student & Teacher Voices

The Reflective Journals and Course Walls allow us to hear regularly from teachers and students as they are experiencing SAIL. We share some of these voices below to help you imagine what might be possible for your teachers and students.




“I’m not afraid to be wrong.”

• • • • •

“I feel successful and ready for 1st grade because I can give feedback to help my friend’s brain grow”

• • • • •

“I am learning to trust my peers and not be offended by feedback. I am seeing it as an opportunity to improve.”

• • • • •

“I like collaborating with my group because they don’t give me the answers, but they help me use a strategy to discover the answer on my own.”

• • • • •

I feel better knowing that I don’t have to do the work all by myself but I now have 3 other peers from whom I can rely on as resources for my learning.”



“‘I asked my students “How do you feel about learning in the class?” A student who has gone through a lot personally this year said, “I feel like everything is important and safe and I could accomplish my dreams.” This actually made me cry. Previously my surveys showed classroom culture was the lowest and so many kids did not feel confident in themselves as learners. This made me feel like everything I have learned is helping them see the value in their learning and the value of their lives.’”

• • • • •

“I am no longer the only source of knowledge in my classroom. Students have found that they can be problem solvers and that their peer feedback is a way of learning. They now expect it. They also became very independent at analyzing their work and providing evidence when self-assessing.”

• • • • •

“I’ve noticed that this process allows me to better teach to individual differences, and that students feel more recognized and validated. All learning does not look the same, and they are starting to recognize their own growth as well as show a greater understanding of how they play a vital role in their own learning.”

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